Quartz Surfaces Show 2016

Exhibitors - Technical Info

A show organiser will offer you a SHELL SCHEME PACKAGE or SPACE ONLY.

SHELL SCHEME PACKAGE are pre-erected rows of stand and you turn up and decorate the stand: where space only menas you just get an area of floor and you must provide everything.

The basic SHELL SCHEME PACKAGE includes the following:

A) 54 sqm (9x6 mt) of BLUE/RED color carpet,
B) 1 desk,
C) 2 chair,
D) 1 cupboard,
E) 1 catalogue display,
F) 1 bos truss ring with spotlights,
G) 1 fascia with company logo 300x70cm,
H) 1 waste paper basket,
I) 1 13amp/22V power point,
J) 1 free standing coat hanger.